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1. Monitoring of adverse drug reactions of anti-hypertensive drugs in a tertiary care teaching hospital at Lucknow.

a. Principal Investigator:
      i. Dr. Abhijeet Singh, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
b. Co-investigator:
      i. Dr. Meherunisa, Associate Professor of Pharmacology
      ii. Dr. Vikas Seth, Professor & Head of Pharmacology

2. Prescription monitoring of anti-hypertensive drugs in a tertiary care teaching hospital at Lucknow

a. Principal Investigator:
      i. Dr. Meherunisa, Associate Professor of Pharmacology
b. Co-investigator:
      i. Dr. Abhijeet Singh, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
      ii. Dr. Vikas Seth, Professor & Head of Pharmacology


a) Demography profile of client’s evaluation of PPICUD + pot abortal IUCD acceptance and its complications.
b) Comparison of single antibiotics v/s triple drug regime in the prevention of post operative major gynecological and obstetrical surgeries.
c) Efficacy and safety of 600mg misoprost (pet-rectal) active management of 3rd stage of labour.
d) Awareness of informed choice of spacing family planning comparative study of efficacy calcium lysinate v/s calcium citrate in peri-0menopausal women.


1. Correlation of Cardiac Troponin- T and severity of HIE in asphyxiated new born.
a. Aims and Objective

      i. Estimation of cardiac troponin – T in asphyxiated new born.
      ii. Correlation of serum troponin – T level with severity of HIE.

2. Assessment of Psychological impact of childhood dengue on care give.
a. Aims and Objective

      i. Assessment of fear, anxiety, stress, and depression in care givers in a hospitalized pediatric dengue case.

3. Profile of children’s with cervical lymphadenopathy: a crossectional study
a. Aims and Objective

      i. To assess prevalence of cervical lymphadenopathy and it etiology.
      ii. To assess treatment trends of cervical lymphadenopathy by outside physicians.

4. Abdominal lymphadenopathy in children’s: is it over diagnosed?
a. Aims and Objective

      i. To assess prevalence of abdominal lymphadenopathy & its etiology
      ii. To asses trends of management by outside physicians.


1. Assessment of pre examination stress by physiological marker.
2. Assessment of lung function in petrol filling workers of Lucknow city.
3. Study of sensory neural hearing loss in diabetic subjects.

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