Department of Pharmacology

1. Departmental Museum
A. Total number of charts = 186
B. Total number of models = 20
C. Drug samples = 16 subclasses of drugs
D. Instruments in Museum = 33

2. Departmental library
A. Books = 93
B. Journals related to Pharmacology = 25

3. Departmental Research Laboratory
A. Assembly for perfusion of Isolated Mammalian Gut.
B. Assembly for perfusion of Isolated Mammalian Heart
C. Metabolic Cage.
D. Stirrer
E. Super speed kymograph.
F. Distillation apparatus
G. Isolated organ bath (four units)
H. Disintegration Test apparatus
I. Respirator pump.
J. Cook’s pole climbing response apparatus
K. Analgesia meter (Tail flick apparatus)
L. Rota rod
M. Compact laboratory centrifuge.
N. Water bath
O. Activity cage (Actor-photometer)
P. Hot Plate
Q. Electro convulse meter

4. Animal House:
A. CPCSEA registered Animal House in separate premises.

5. Pharmacy laboratory:
A. Student capacity 50 students at a time.

6. Experimental Laboratory:
A. Well equipped laboratory of 50 students capacity.

7. Pharmacovigilance Centre
A. With computer facility.
B. Under process of registration with PvPI.


8. Adequate number of faculty is present to teach Pharmacology to UG and PG students.


9. Internet and Wifi facility is available to help in student learning.


10. Simulations of Animal Experimental: Computer assisted simulations are there to demonstrate the experiments on animal models to UG and PG Pharmacology students.

11. Problem based learning and periodical internal assessment.

12. Seminars, Tutorial and Journal Club meetings and regular clinical problem based therapeutic exercise discussion with students.

13. Generic Drug list discussions with Clinical Faculty and Students.

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