Department of Physiology

The Department of Physiology is well equipped with Human Physiology Laboratory, Haematology Laboratory, Amphibian Laboratory, Mammalian Laboratory and Research Laboratory.

Teaching facilities with well equipped A.C. Lecture Theatre along with Audio-Visual aids (OHP and LCD), available. Within the Department a Demonstration Room with capacity of 50 students with A.V. aids is also available.

Human Physiology Lab for 50 students at one time, is equipped with sphygmomanometers, spirometers, Lister’s perimeter, tuning forks, hammers etc for CNS, CVS, Respiratory, Abdominal and Genera l examination.

Haematology Lab for Blood experiments is available for 50 students at one time and is equipped with Microscopes (Binocular & Monocular), Haematocytometers , Haemoglobinometers, Wintrobe’s and Westegren’s tubes , alongwith Antisera for blood group estimation, Centrifuge machine etc.

Amphibian Lab – For frog experiments for 50 students at one time with kymographs, student’s stimulators, short circuiting keys, tapping keys, Dubois Raymond coil, knives, hammers, starlings heart levers, muscle baths etc, available.

Research Lab- Equipped with:
1. Digital Polyrite for BERA, VEP ,EMG, NCV as well as for HRV, Heart rate, Body temperature, Resp. movements and GSR,
2. Digital ECG Machine,
3. Digital PFT Machine.
4. Bicycle ergometer,
5. Colorimeter,
6. Photometer, etc.

Other facilities like Computer & Internet facilities are also available in the department. In addition, Flax boards for about 100 different topics along with frames of various Scientists are also available.
Deptt. Library with 86 books of Physiology along with journals of Physiology is available.

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