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Mr. Meeraj Khalid

Career Medical College is an institution that has held its place among the best medical colleges from its inception. It has been a dream destination for those seeking careers in medical. In a large measure, this popularity is because of the lofty ideals & deep sense of values that the institution embodies along with an outstanding training program.

The founders of this institution had intended the college to train competent and compassionate doctors to serve the underserved population of our country.. Needless to say, students in these courses too enjoy all the good things the institution has to offer even while imbibing high moral and ethical values.

I wish you every success and hope that you will see this Career Medical College as a place for your development into an empathic, compassionate and knowledgeable medical care provider.

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Career Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Lucknow

Affiliated to :

Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University
Faizabad,Uttar Pradesh,India.


  • Career Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Lucknow one of the leading medical institutes of this region providing high quality Medical education and health care services of truly global standards. A comprehensive range of general and advanced medical services are provided here including super-specialty services.

    Career Institute of Medical Sciences & Hospital, Lucknow stands strikingly as an architectural beauty, with its massive structures and aesthetic view leaves every one spell bound.

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