Department of Radio Diagnosis

1. USG: (Logiq 200 GE, Logiq P5 GE, Philips, Portable USG)
We are having USG Machines and performing various types of sonography like USG Whole Abdomen, USG Obstetrics, HR USG of Neck (Including Thyroid, Submandibular and Parotid Glands.) HR USG of any type of swelling in the body. HR USG of Hernias. HR USG Scrotum, HR USG- Breast Doppler study of limbs (Arterial & Venous) Doppler Study of Obstetrics.

2. X-Ray: (Adonis 300 ma, Siemens 600, GME 500 ma, Adonis (With IITV(Fluoroscopy) 800 ma, Adonis 100 ma, Alpha and UNI 60 ma) We are having a X-Ray Machine (Digital) and doing various type of X-Ray of the patients like Chest PA view, X-Ray Abdomen, X-Ray Limbs in Trauma Case and disease conditions, X-Ray PNS, X-Ray Nostril, X-Ray Skull, X-Ray L.S & D.L. Spine, X-Ray Cervical Spine.
Procedures: I.V.P, Barium Studies, HSG, Distal, Loopogram, Sinogram, RGU, MCU, Fistulogram, T-Tube Cholangiogram.

3. CT Scan: (GE16 Slice & GE Dual Slice)
All CT Scans like Head, Thorax Abdomen, Face, PNS, KUB
CT guides FNAC, CT Urography.
Denta Scan Plain & Contrast

4. MRI : (0.3 Tesla Hitachi Iris)
Routine MRI with or without Contrast like Brain, All Spine, Knee points for its benefit of patients.

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